Peak Serenity Counseling & Nutrition is a therapy practice devoted to meeting the mental health needs of adolescents, families, and adults living in Colorado and Virginia. We believe that challenging and changing unhealthy behaviors will yield overall better mental and physical health. Together with our clients, we explore past experiences and examine how they continue to impact the present and influence behaviors. Our holistic approach looks at the entire person and not just at the symptoms they are experiencing. 

Our goal at Peak Serenity is to help clients find their full potential and well-being through self-exploration, understanding, and acceptance of their true, authentic self.  Through learning to value themselves and understand their wants and needs, clients explore and discover what brings them to their own sense of peak serenity. 

Insurance Accepted:

  • Preferred Provider for BlueCross BlueShield PPO/FEP/HMO (Psychotherapy)
  • Preferred Provider for BlueCross BlueShield PPO/FEP (Nutrition Services)



As a licensed professional counselor and a registered dietitian nutritionist, I work with clients to help them become self-sufficient and independent in developing healthy behaviors. I am passionate about helping clients identify their feelings, needs, and wants while learning how to effectively process and express these needs. I have over ten years of experience working in a variety of settings from hospitals, eating disorder treatment centers, doctors’ offices, and outpatient counseling.

I earned a bachelor of science in dietetics from The Ohio State University and completed my dietetic internship with an emphasis in pediatrics at Saint Louis University. After working at a treatment center for eating disorders, I recognized the connection between disordered eating behaviors and mental health. For many people, their troubled relationship with food is not the problem, but rather a symptom of deeper emotional issues. To deepen my work in empowering clients to achieve their optimal mental health, I earned a Master’s in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

My love for nature, climbing and adventure is the inspiration behind Peak Serenity. As the pandemic changed the world of medicine and therapy to a Telehealth model, I was encouraged to expand my life and my practice to Colorado. Peak Serenity Counseling & Nutrition was created as a reflection of my personal mantra to living life to the fullest. I look forward to partnering with you as you find your own sense of peak serenity.

Certifications & Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor (CO & VA)

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian

National Certified Counselor


American Counseling Association (ACA)

International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IADEP)

International Federation of Eating Disorders Dietitians (IFEDD)



I believe that our early life experiences impact us, much more than we may realize. I am passionate about helping people explore and resolve the effects of traumatic experiences that linger to this day. Depression, anxiety, disordered eating and substance use – these are all symptoms of previous suffering and pain. They do not define you! Every individual is strong, resilient, and possesses the ability to heal. My goal is to help facilitate this process through creating a safe, respectful, and compassionate space for you to be yourself.

I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, attachment disorders, grief and loss, substance use, disordered eating, and the effects of trauma. I am an Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR) therapist, and combine Internal Family Systems (parts) work, and strengths-based, cognitive reframing approaches. I also integrate mindfulness exercises and somatic awareness in my work.

I am a Supervisee in Social Work in the Commonwealth of Virginia, working towards licensure. I am also a Qualified Mental Health Professional – Adults (QMHP-A). I obtained my Master of Social Work degree from George Mason University and have over ten years of experience working in the human services field. I am excited to be a part of the Peak Serenity team and look forward to getting to know you!


I am a bilingual licensed professional counselor, fluent in English and Spanish, with over 25 years of experience as a therapist. As a mental health professional based in Northern Virginia, I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and their families. Every individual and family has the ability to overcome their struggles, no matter how daunting they may seem, and I am honored to be a part of that journey with my clients. Together, we will create a plan individualized for your personal situation in a safe environment to overcome barriers and uncover a more fulfilling life.

After earning my master’s degree in community counseling from George Washington University, I worked with families who emigrated from Latin America. This personal milestone helped me support those families through the trauma that migrating can cause. I work closely with my clients on their journey to help them improve their close relationships and overcome their challenges. It is inspiring for me to see my clients become the best, happiest version of themselves.

I specialize in helping clients who struggle with trauma, depression, and anxiety. I will be right by your side to assist you in creating a healthy sense of attachment among your family unit. I am experienced in supporting parents develop strategies to help their children learn independence and have a healthy connection with their family. Additionally, I can help you develop useful strategies as a parent to best support your child and help them thrive, improve your ability to connect with your pre-teen or teenager, maintain healthy close relationships, and improve trust within relationships in times where it may have been compromised. I am looking forward to working with you and to applying my career practicing as a licensed counselor to meet your specific personal needs!


What would it feel like to put complete trust in your body? I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and I specialize in helping my clients heal their relationship with food, whether that be recovery from an eating disorder, disordered eating patterns, or chronic dieting. I believe that each individual has an innate power to nourish their body and mind that is waiting to be discovered.

I utilize an intuitive eating, Health at Every Size approach to help my clients cultivate a healthy relationship with food and resolve body image issues. A world exists where eating is stress-free and you feel at home in your body.

I also provide medical nutrition therapy to clients who are seeking to manage chronic conditions, learn how to fuel their bodies, and improve their health in a sustainable and realistic way.

After graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in dietetics, I went on to complete a dietetic internship at Virginia Tech. As an intern, I completed a rotation with Crista and was immediately drawn to the private practice setting. Establishing long-term relationships with my clients and partnering with them on their journey is something I truly value. I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with you on your journey as well!


I enjoy helping people identify and find clarity about what is going on, where they want to be, and the obstacles that might be keeping them stuck. I work collaboratively with my clients to explore what they are experiencing in the present while exploring the past and gaining insight into thoughts and behavior patterns that have shaped feelings and harmful beliefs. This insight is vital, but it is just the foundation for healing and growth. I use an evidence-based, integrative approach to understand your unique personal, subjective experience, supporting your journey toward mental and emotional health. As a therapist, I rely on several approaches including Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Poly Vagal Theory.

Sometimes we don’t know what it is that is keeping us from reaching our goals, feeling better or even how to get there, but the answer is often within us and completely attainable through honest exploration, discovery, and diligent practice. I enjoy supporting holistic health, life balance, and positive habits. I work with men, women, and teens on anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and addictions. Therapy really does help you find your best self.

I am a Supervisee in Social Work working toward the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) credential in Virginia. I received my Master of Social Work degree from the University of New Hampshire and began my career in counseling in 1992.


As a Psychiatrist it has been a true pleasure to collaborate with Crista Studer. She is not only knowledgeable in Eating Disorders but has experience with several programs and the levels of care offered. She has been able to make a significant impact on my patients young and old and inspire them to make the lifestyle changes they need for overall better health - sometimes in as little as one consultation. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Temitope Oyegbile, MD

Child, Adolescent and General Psychiatrist Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

I connected with Crista in graduate school at Johns Hopkins University. We both came from backgrounds as dietitians specializing in disordered eating patterns and eating disorders. I’ve always been impressed with her vast knowledge in dietetics and her magnetic energy. She has immense compassion for helping people and has the highest ethical regard for her clients. When I entered into the field of counseling, I sought out Crista to supervise me in my role working with an outpatient adolescent eating disorder clinic. Without her amazing expertise and guidance, I would have been lost! I continue to seek her opinion when faced with complicated nutrition-related cases. Crista’s unique merging of dietetics with mental health counseling makes her an important asset in helping those struggling with their relationship with food.  She is a gift to all those she encounters! 

Maggie Meyer, LCPC

MindWell Counseling, LLC

As a Physician who treats patients with eating disorders, I have worked with Crista Studer extensively. She is an outstanding practitioner that I highly respect. It is obvious to me that she is committed to safe, efficient and effective patient care. A hallmark of this is seen in the extent to which she makes certain that we are in frequent communication about our shared clients. Her therapeutic approach combining mental health counseling and nutrition therapy makes her an incredibly skilled clinician at understanding the psychology behind the addiction and mind altering effects of disordered eating. Thus, she is an outstanding therapist and dietitian that I am able to recommend with confidence to my patients.

Jennifer Gorrelick, MD

As a dietitian in the field of Eating Disorders, I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Crista Studer for many years. Crista is very passionate about her work, which shows in her commitment to her clients and the individualized care that she provides. Crista values the importance of team collaboration and staying up to date on the best practices for the field. I would highly recommend Crista Studer.

Ashley M Palatiello, CEDRD-S, M.Ed., RDN, LDN,

I have known Crista for over five years and we have shared many mutual clients. She quickly became my go-to referral for anyone in need of nutrition support or eating disorder treatment. As she broadened her scope by becoming a licensed professional counselor, in addition to being a registered dietitian nutritionist, she became an invaluable asset to the treatment community. Crista brings an unmatched passion and energy level to her work. She looks at every client as a whole person, helping them heal from the inside out. My own experience working with Crista matches what her clients tell me; she is caring, direct, professional, and dedicated to helping clients improve their lives!

Melisa Atkeson, LCSW

Wise Mind Psychotherapy